If the human coil is but a can of Beenee Weenees...

Are stories not the beenees?
Are words not my weenees?

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Short Stories

Prune In a Tube Top

Less Is More but More Is Even More Than Less

The Trojan War

Take Me Back

Bronze Madrona

Taste The Rainbow

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'Notes From Inside The Bubble' 
for LADYGUNN Magazine

I found myself on the ‘right side of things.ʼ By way of my big move to Los Angeles and career amongst a widely diverse artistic community and subsequent friend group, I found a home within the “good bubble.” An echo chamber, sure, but at least it was the sweet sounds of indie-R&B- grind-core-post-romantic-but-mostly-salacious music AND egalitarian musings that lulled me to sleep at night in my makeshift commune.

Then came 2020.

The center has not only NOT held, it has fucking caved into unforeseeable depths. Much like the sinkholes that remind me of my home state of Florida – that it too is a hotbed of the apocalypse. And well, with the retreat of any semblance of center went my comfortable grasp on social equality. Not understanding was the easy part. The uncomfortable task has been reckoning with my own contribution to the injustice...

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A Few Iterations of Joan of Arc

The piece focuses on a few different women, some real, some imagined. Not so much as articles in the defense of my argument of the sacred, but fodder for the consideration of reincarnation and other un-answerable questions… 

What is more un-malleable than instinct? And what brand of instinct is deeper than a mother’s? 

Is love something a boy should aim to defeat? If so, can it be beaten? 

Did John, the Duke of Bedford really believe Joan of Arc held supernatural powers? Do we? 


Screenplays & Monologues

Excerpt of "Everyone Gets Lei'd In Hell"

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Monologue:  Carr Prichard 

"It Ain't Gonna Eat Itself"

Monologue:  She

"It's amazing what a week's worth of Tramadal and a little seclusion can do for the soul"

Monologue:  Susie T. James

"Wet socks"


Portfolio of Work

Interviews, Copy writing, Editorial, Bios


Lauren Ruth Ward Bio 


February 2020



Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020



Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020

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Trey Warner Bio

May 2020

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Copy Writing: Due South Coffee Roasters October Campaign

October 2020

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Copy Writing: Westfield Holiday Campaign Pitch for Creatively

October 2020

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Sego Bio

August 2019


Party Nails

Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020

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Raquel Rodriquez

Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020

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February, 2020

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Mating Ritual

Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020


Juana Everett

Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020


Mike Ruby
Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020


Ships Have Sailed

Review & Interview for LadyGunn Magazine

May 2020



Words to the songs for SWIMM, Aging Actress and solo project 'Cookie'

Lyrics for SWIMM album 'Sentimental Porno'

Lyrics for Aging Actress songs 

Lyrics for Cookie solo songs


Poetry and Conversations

So Many Dreams I Don't Remember

White People Are Jogging

I Said Hello


There's Always One

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                           Portraits by Michael Scott Slosar

                           Live photo by Linnea Stephan